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We attended a very nice private tours in Istanbul. First, early in the morning we met our tour guide. told very detailed information about Istanbul. Numerous civilizations have lived in Istanbul. If during the last 1500 years has been the world capital. I lived in Greece from the first Bzanti Golden Horn. Golden Horn stormy and bad weather is a natural inner harbor was a natural place of refuge and protection. Istanbul is a part of the European continent, a part of the Asian continent is a very special city and the only city in the middle of the sea and the bosphorus. Is divided into the Western Roman Empire and the capital of Rome, the capital of the Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine is made Istanbul. Now, Istanbul was the capital of the world. During this period, all made in very fine structures in both the world's largest buildings are built here. Emperor Constantine the first time around Istanbul surrounded by a very large and thick walls and a city Istanbul was very sheltered istanbul airport transfers

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